Dogwood Park Concert Series

Ready for food and fun? Rural Resources has teamed up with the Dogwood Park Concert Series to present a fabulous time on Sunday, August 21 from 4 to 7:30pm at Dogwood Park (located directly behind Tusculum View Elementary school at 1725 Lafayette Street in Greeneville.)

The event is FREE.  Now why, you might ask, is RR teaming up with our Dogwood Park friends? We at RR are all about connecting EVERYONE to local food and we figure music and fun and food all go together.  It's as simple as that.

Food line up: shishkabobs with juicy chunks of local beef and yummy local veggies cooked right in front of you on the grill, ice cold watermelon, and lots of water, lemonade and tea!

Gettin' down to the music:

Richard Spain & “WA WA” Bean classic countrylogo: TN Arts Commission...changing lives

The Fugitives pop country

Tim White & the VW Boys bluegrass, talking banjos, laughter

The Roys from Nashville, TN: Brother and sister Lee and Elaine are on their way to the top with good, old fashioned, honest music that will touch your heart.

For the kids:corn hole, watermelon seed spitting contest, egg on the spoon races, hog calling contest. Prizes.

Our sponsors: Tennessee Arts Commission, East Tennessee Foundation, Gateway Ford, Tri City Beverage, The City of Greeneville, Greeneville Parks and Recreation, Graysburg Hills Farm, Snapps Ferry Packing, Pop Corn Video, and a host of volunteers who make this event possible and FREE

Praise for The Roys from the Prescription Bluegrass Blog...

With their reverence for legends such as Bill Monroe as well as contemporary torch bearers like Ricky Skaggs, The Roys have crafted a debut set that combines the best of bluegrass music’s traditions with the promise of its future. In recording the album, Lee and his sister Elaine, enlisted Skaggs’ famed band, Kentucky Thunder, and added Steve Brewster on Drums/Percussion and the amazing Randy Kohrs, and even recorded in Skaggs Place Studios.


“Being with Ricky’s band was inspiring because those guys are awesome,” Elaine enthuses. “It really makes you want to do better because all of them are amazing musicians as well as amazing people. They love the music and they really put their hearts and souls into it. That’s why we really loved working with those guys.”
Recording LONESOME WHISTLE was the culmination of a dream that began for The Roys during childhood. Elaine and Lee were born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and the family later relocated to a small town called Coal Branch in New Brunswick, Canada. Music was always present in their household. “Traditional country music and bluegrass is what we grew up on. That’s all we listened to,” says Elaine. “My grandma played the fiddle. She would play Acadian tunes and my aunts and uncles would sing and play multiple instruments as well. It was very traditional roots music. We fell in love with that and our harmonies seemed to fit that style of music. That’s really what we truly love.”
The Roys are excited about making their debut in the bluegrass music community they have listened to and loved for so long. These days they are getting validation from musicians they respect and are excited about their future. Andy Leftwich told us, “You are bluegrass vocalists. You are made for this format, it is who you are. This record is going to be huge because you guys are just so new and refreshing to the bluegrass community. You are going to be a household name!”
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