Rural Resources Pavilion
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Imagine Farm Day Camp with a pavilion by the creek!  Are there 100 former/current/future campers out there willing to each give $10?  Let's have a pillar with 100 names!

If you're in, make sure when you donate, click on "Farm Day Campers Names" and let us know in the notes just how your Camper's name or names should appear!



We've got our sights set on completing a pavilion right by the creek (in the footprint of the old barn that was torn down several years ago) that will serve as space for an outdoor classroom for Farm Day Camp, our teen classes, and community events. We envision a space where young people will gather to learn about growing and the outdoor environment that sustains us. We also see the space as a place where the community can come together to enjoy local food, music, and experiencing community.

Greeneville's Noon and Morning Rotary Clubs are the main sponsors for this endeavor but we need YOUR HELP IN ANY AMOUNT!!!

Our goal is raise an additional $7,500 for the pavilion's concrete get in on the "foundation" of this great project! Any amount towards this goal is so appreciated!!!

Or, Become a Pillar of Support for this project and Rural Resources

(Your name will be displayed on one of the 16 support beams with a plaque forever recognizing you as a supporter of Rural Resources.)

Support Pillar (16') - $1,000

Support Pillar (9') - $500

Together the Noon and Morning Rotary Clubs and Rural Resources, with YOU!, hope to create an additional space for furthering our mission to connect farms, food and families. So far, the land has been leveled and gravel for the foundation has been delivered. Roy Darnell and his construction crews have also erected some of the support beams that we hope to see your names on!

Please keep coming back for more updates. Or, find us on Facebook.



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