Learning by doing is the best!  Come join us for some real fun (and work!) with food. Contact us for opportunities to intern at the Rural Resources farm!

Rural Resources is a non-profit farm with a mission to connect farms, food, and families. We are located on a 15 acre farm in beautiful East Tennessee, nestled right up against the Appalachian Mountains. Currently, we are working towards creating a fertile CSA space on a 1/2 acre plot utilizing growing methods in similar styles to John Jeavons and Elliot Coleman. Vegetable production is done all by hand with the exception of a walk behind tiller. We are also beginning experimentation with no-till methods.

In addition to our garden plot we have cows, goats, pigs, chickens, and rabbits for meat, dairy, egg, and manure purposes. The animals serve for educational more than production purposes, but interns with interests in animal production are welcome to work closely with our animals.

We currently have many infrastructure and construction type projects, so handy skills are greatly valued. We also have educational programs for elementary to high school aged youth, including a summer farm day camp, and a mobile farmer's market that interns can potentially be involved with.

We are looking for long-term volunteers and the minimum stay we recommend is one month. Spring through Fall (March through November) is our main growing season.

We have a camper available to stay in. It has a small gas stove, a shower, and a queen size bed, making it functional for one person or a couple. Interns are responsible for their own food, but we will try to accomodate with as much seasonal produce as possible.

Having a car is highly recommended as we are in a rural area, and it's hard not to feel farm-bound without one. The farmer speaks English and Spanish.

Access to the Appalachian Trail is only 20 minutes away, and we are located near some great hiking. Johnson City, TN is 45 minutes away, and Asheville, NC is a a 1.25 hour drive over the mountains. We're open to working a schedule where you can explore the area as much as possible. We can accept both children and pets so long as neither are a distraction to working hours. Pets must be able to co-exist with other farm animals including free range chickens.

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